how long does it take for a serama chickens egg take to hatch and tips on how to hatch them.


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Mar 16, 2018
I am planning on getting some differ types of chickens and I am going to buy some Easter Egger bantam chickens and some seramas and I was looking for tips on how to hatch serama chicks because I hatch quail eggs but I ordered some chicken eggs from eBay and I could not hatch them I tried 4 differ breeds from differ sellers and I could not hatch any still they would start to develop but on day 18-20 they die and I put them on lock down on day 18 with lots of water for humidity and I keep the temp at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit my incubator normally stays at about 99-100 degrees Fahrenheit and I put water in the trays ever 2-3 days when the humidity level gets below 45% humidity so if you have some tip on how I should incubate chicken eggs please let me know I would love the help thanks.
p.s. if anyone knows about were to buy serama chickens and easter egger bantams please let me know and give me some info on the chickens like how many eggs does one chicken lay a week on both the EEB and the serama chickens thanks.

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