How long does it take your chicks to fluff up?????


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I have a question for everyone...How long does it generally take your chicks to fluff up all the way?
Do you move them to a brooder before they are all fluffed?

Mine are taking over a day to fluff up..and then they arent even all the way until I move them to the brooder box...just curious if this is normal.

Thanks all
some can take longer then others...but they can stay in the bator for up to 2 days. they can go up to 3 days w/ no food or water. they live off the yolk sac. but i'd make sure they are fluffy before moving them. give them at least 48 hrs.
I made sure mine were dry before moving them (half a day to one day), but they didnt fully fluff until they had been in the brooder for a bit longer after that.
Ok good...They were dry just not fluffed up. I had to move a few because they running out of running room...
Mine usually dry off and fluff up within 24 hours (even with 80%+ humidity), and I always leave them in the bator until they are fully fluffed up. If you've had humidity problems and sticky chicks, they'll take longer to dry off, and even when dry they might not fluff up properly due to having egg goo on them.
My chick hattched at 10:28 and i was wondering the same thing his/ her name is dave lol but he/her hasent fluffed up yet so i was
just wondering so try to
anwser backv thnks bye.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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