How long does it take your hand reared goslings to stop calling for you?

Leader Bee

Jun 22, 2018
Norbert and beep beep are only young at the moment but I want them to be able to transition to being outside in the garden most of the day so I've been trying to leave them to it, only problem is they'll forget about the grass and stand screaming at the door for me instead until I come back; it's the same if they are in their brooder and can't see me over the top - even when I'm in the same room -the separation anxiety is cute but I don't want it to become a habit
You shouldn’t leave them alone outside mama and papa goose would never do that they know their babies need protection and care right now. As for indoors any way you can have the brooder where they can see you? Mine were In the living room where they could see us all the tIme except for sleep.
I have them sat with me most of the time so they are happy, but I'm going through a lot of poopy towels haha. They can just about see me from their brooder if I sit in the right spot
I'll have to look into what they are Lydia, I'm sure the pet shop has some; We went to buy a blanket and some toys earlier in the week
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They were more curious than anything Lydia, although they stayed by me most of the time they did get a bit confused over who mummy/daddy was and wandered off with some other people for a moment.
We also met a horse at the park yesterday, I was concerned how they would react but they weren't bothered and walked right up to him (he was with his rider so knew they were safe, I'm trying to socialise them as much as I can) I was a bit shocked they would be scared of dogs but not the horse

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