How long does it usually take for chick's bloody poop to not appear anymore after putting amprolium(


5 Years
Mar 11, 2014
Today will be the 5th consecutive day since I started putting amprolium on my chick's water. Four days before treatment, I saw reddish brown and reddish pink feces of some of my chick(s). At first, I thought it was shed intestinal lining, but it happened frequently,so I thought some of them have coccidiosis. They were less than 2 week old and I am only feeding them broiler starter feed and crack corn when I saw those feces. I stopped giving them crack corn since 4 days ago. They also eat some dirt when they are less than 2 weeks old. Today, I still see multiple reddish pink and light red colored feces on some of my chick's dropping. If they really have coccidiosis, when can I expect to not see those bloody droppings anymore, after starting the treatment?

All of them show no other signs of symptoms, and all of them are energetic.
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