how long for a saddle?


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
How long should or roughly does feathers take to grow back with a saddle? Mine had a large bare spot (complete bareness) and they now have some small fluffy feathers but not the normal long straight feathers chickens normally have. One even has quills that are just showing through. It's been a two or three weeks I guess, maybe more.
I'll have to keep an eye on this thread. I'd love to know to. One of my girls was attacked by the other chickens December 8th and she still has no feathers on a huge part of her back. She is living in the house because shes terrified of the other girls. They have reopened her back in the yard 4 times since it healed. I was told that her feathers won't grow back untill after she molts.
I've found it takes about a month or more. My hen that needs a saddle wears it full-time. The minute I take it off of her all her new feathers get worn right back off again by my roo.
If the feather is completely gone, shaft and all, it will start to grow back immediately. If the shaft is still intact and it's only that the feather is broken off, it won't grow back until the molt.

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