How long for heat lamp


Jul 6, 2018
I have one little California Valley quail that I hatched. He/she is 16 days old and is pretty well feathered. I still have the heat lamp in his set up. He is in a 10 gal aquarium that is set up like a natural setting. He has no trouble flying around and up to the branches I have in there.
Is there a certain time line for removing the heat lamp?
It's just amazing how fast this little one has grown.
I don't know about California quail. With Coturnix, I remove the heat lamp based on the temp, not their age. When I hatched in the summer I started turning off the heat lamp during the day when they were 10 days old. Now, this hatch are 16 days old and I still have it all the time as the weather is cooler.
I've always kept my birds in the brooder for about a month... i just feel its safe for them i can control the temp. to 2 degrees F. and if it gets too hot the fan comes on to push that hot air out. I've spent a good bit on that brooder making it by hand and installing fans ill have to post a how to on here. but normally i start at 95F and move down 5 degrees ever week on they day they i put them in the brooder, until i feel they can thrive outside the brooder i do keep some birds in the house in rabbit cages. because hey i have favorites lol.

but once they get feathered pretty well is a good time to remove them i would say about 2-3 weeks.

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