how long for rigor to pass


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11 Years
Nov 22, 2008
My Nana just died and my husband usually takes cares of things and puts her in a position for me to hold her. But I wasn't sure if she was dead and when I finally accepted that she was she stiffened in a position that I don't want. I would like to get her legs pulled up to her and tuck her head under her wing like the rest of my babies. How long before I can move her?

I am just so sad right now.

Sorry for your might just have to bury her in whatever position she died in, Rigor Mortis doesnt just pass as far as I know, unless she gets rotten, and that would be really unpleasant.
I'm sorry you lost your girl. Rigor passes in about 36-48 hours.
Thanks, I wasn't sure and it was killing me to let her lay there. I just told her she was in a special position so she could do fun things on the other side.

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