How long is it ok for a silkie to be broody--more than 8 weeks?


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Hi everyone- Wanted to know how long is too long for a hen to be broody. I have a 1 year old silkie pullet that has been sitting in the nesting box day and night for the past 6-8 weeks!!!! I have 6 other hens that lay. The girls all share 2 nexting boxes and my little silkie named Scarlet has been in there non stop. She does not rooste with the other girls at night. And she will rarely go outside with the others. She is getting pretty thin. When I get home from work I put her out in the yard and she seems to enjoy it for a while but then she gets right back in the nesting box. We have no roosters so she sits on eggs that my other girls lay. I do collect the eggs every afternoon. Anyone have advice on how to break the broodiness??? Any advice would be helpful. I am getting worried how thin she is getting.
Wow she is really determined! I break silkies simply by taking them out of their nesting boxes and putting them far enough away that they have to walk a ways to get back. Then repeat several times. But I am home a lot to do this when needed. Sorry that's my only idea for you! Anyone else?
Thanks...We have a city coop and the farthest she would have to walk is 100 feet. They typically have free range in the backyard. I hope to get some advice here soon!
Put her in a wire bottomed cage with nothing she can roost on. This usually breaks them in a couple of days.

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