How long is the act of mating?


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Fair Oaks, CA
My Rooster has started trying to mate with my hen who just started laying a week ago, and in fact, this is the only hen he'll attempt it with and only started to the day before she laid her 1st egg. My question is, how long is the act of mating because it's literally just seconds and then he's off. Is he still trying to get the hang of it? Or is that all it is? They are both very new to the "mature" chicken ways, but have grown up together. Obviously this is my 1st time witnessing this, so any advice regarding fertility chances and all the details are welcome.
I've never seen it last as long as 15 seconds, I don't think. More like 3 to 5 at most. Guess it's an individual thing....
With my mob it is literally on and off.......wonder it ever works!

Noticed my sheep mating today and that was not much longer.

Wham, bam, thank you mam. Your eggs are fertile. Incubating pullet eggs is generally not a good idea. It may result in stunted weak chicks.
I agree, your eggs are most likely fertile, but it would be best to at least wait til the eggs get larger, rather than trying to hatch those small pullet eggs.

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