How long should shipped eggs sit before incubating


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This is an amazing community! - I've been sitting here going back and forth between forums, reading up on all kinds of things for about three weeks now.

I was going to wait for another 3-4 weeks for the weather to warm up before I bought some chicks. A buddy gave me his incubator, I got a little "antzy" looking at it... Didn't really plan on hatching eggs. However, the anticipation got the best of me and I won an auction on here. A dozen eggs should arrive today.

The incubator has been running for almost two days - I have the temps steady at 99-100 with humidity sitting on 40% - I'm getting stoked!!!

I thought I've read something about letting eggs that have been shipped through the mail system sit for a min of 12 hours at room temp for better hatching results... (can't seem to find it now)

Is this necessary?

Does the egg get lightly "scrambled" during the shipping process...etc.?

Can anyone shed some light on this?
The 12 to 24 hours is recommended after the eggs arrive. Best Wishes on your hatching. It's not like the eggs get scrambled, but it still seems to get them acclimated to your environment. I do know that there are people that don't wait and still get the eggs to hatch. I would let them rest.
I always set mine the morning after the day they arrive in the post -- in the meantime, they sit on the kitchen counter and I lovingly admire them, pat them gently, pray over them and make moony faces at them each time I walk by.
If they were pointy-side down, I generally let them sit 4+, depending on the condition and packing. If they were on their sides, I wait at least 12.
I just posted this on another thread, but I saw a tip from a member yesterday who got a significant boost in hatch rates on shipped eggs by simply not using the turner for the first three days of incubation.
that is kinda had to say if it works, because it all depends on how your eggs where handled during shipping, its not necessarily the not turning that is improving the hatch rates, the eggs might have been lightly handled in route
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I could put them in the bator w/out the egg turner on for 12 hours?

I'm thinking with the cold weather, I would probably be safer to insure they don't get heated up too fast - thus leaving them out at room temp?

Lots of stuff to think about... Who'da Thunk... LOL

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