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Jan 9, 2012
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Hi all

My broody Sussex has been sat on one egg for 20days now, I think they is somebody in it! How long after 21days should I leave the egg for her to sit?
Also she's in a nest box in the main coop, once the chick hatches(fingers crossed) will it upset her if I move her to a coop of her own with her and the chick?
Is it also advised to put a heat lamp inside the coop or will her sitting on the chick be okay. We have a frost in England at the mo, not sure how long its gonna last but wish it'd go away coz its bloody freezing!!!!!

Any help to any of the questions would be welcome as this is my first naturally hatch.

Thank you
Hi. I also have a broody hen that has been sitting for 20 days. I found this site to be helpful.

I have had a heat lamp over my hens nesting area for the last couple of nights. It is currently 27 degrees F with about 1 inch of snow on the ground this morning.

I think it would be safe to move your broody hen and chick once it hatches, but I am just guessing. This is also my first time with a natural hatch.

Good luck!
Mamma supplies all the heat they need and no lamp is needed, even in the temps you mention. It's fine to move mom and chick after the hatch, but be sure the chick has dried and be carefull that mom doesn't crush the chick when you move them. She won't like it, but she will settle right down. If the egg doesn't hatch, get rid of it on day 26.....Pop
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Thank you for your reply, Ive been hummin and rrrring all day with what would be best. I will take your advice and once hatched and dried will move mum and baby to their own coop. If no hatch after 26th day I'll get rid.

Thanks again!
Hi all

Just a quick update on my egg, well its 23rd day today and no signs of pipping, I candled the egg and they was alot of space to say how old it was but they was a shadow. I decided to take the egg away. Poor Saphina still sat in the nest even tho they is no egg!

I cracked the egg open and it was fertile, the embryo may have been 6-7days old before it died.

Am treating it all as a learn curve so hopefully we'll try again in Spring when its abit warmer.
Awww. :( Sorry to hear that. It's so sad when they're so intent on being a Momma. In my early years I didn't know how to candle and I cracked one thinking it was old and it wasn't. :( The baby passed in my hands. I was so freaked.

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