How long till house spoiled dog (beagle/springer mutt mix) who we love


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Jun 9, 2009
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How long will it take our dog-girl to get used to the chickens in the backyard?? She wants to play with them (probably eat them is more like it). We stopped calling them chickens out loud....she sits at the end of her lead (always on, we don't have a fenced in area)'s been a week only. DH is getting frustrated, she just cries all the time to be let out to check them out. They are in a tractor which will move around, probably further from the house as they get bigger (only 5 weeks old). Any suggestions?????
I would let her get near the tractor and sniff them. I hold out my chicks for my dogs to sniff, it seems to help them get over the excitement. Depending on the dog , she may never get over it but certainly but I find that some dogs when they finally can sniff them, get over the
initial excitement and arent so anxious to get to them.

Good luck
It's pretty common for hunting dogs to have a hard time around small prey animals. Yes, there are exceptions but don't assume that they will ever be safe together. Guard dog breeds with lower prey drives seem to be a bit more likely to adapt to accepting them. Good luck.

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