how long to grow back feathers?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ebonykawai, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. ebonykawai

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    How long does it normally take to grow feathers? I've had a saddle on one of my hens for over a month now and I don't see any real improvement, except she's not red or scratched anymore. Now she's just bare, but I don't see any feathers growing in. The saddle fits fine, covers her all up, so it's not that. What could be wrong?
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    Jul 16, 2008
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    I am not sure this is correct, but I heard that sometimes they dont grow back until a molt. Are the feathers missing due to being picked?
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    Sep 9, 2008
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    See, i was wondering that too...[​IMG] my old ladies i got 3 months ago and one finally feathered in. Yes..3 MONTHS!! the other 2 are starting to get better. now my Frita looks aweful. If she's being pecked and not moulting-do i need to make her a coat?
  4. ebonykawai

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    It's from my roo mating her. A molt, huh? Bummer.
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    Ebony, I intended to reply to you last night but my computer wouldn't play nice.
    Here's the way I understand it. If a feather is completely lost, shaft and all, it will start to grow back at that time. If the feather is only damaged but the shaft is left in place that feather won't be replaced until they moult.
    Mine are 8 months old and going thru a mini-moult. I have upped their protein intake temporarily to help them make new feathers faster. It seems to be working. I have several in various stages of the moult, but each one is completing theirs in about a week.
    The full blown moult takes place around 18 months.
  6. ebonykawai

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    Thanks, Gritsar. [​IMG] Her feathers are definitely all gone, shaft and all. Her back is like a baby's bottom, lol. I've always given the whole flock black oil sunflower seeds every evening, and they seem to grow their feathers pretty quick. My younger ones also went through the mini moult but finished about 3 weeks ago or a bit more. They are all totally feathered and fluffy now.

    I guess I'll keep the saddle on her and just wait and watch her. I'm considering re-homing my roo. I found a fellow chicken lover who is looking for a RIR for his hens, so it's a possibility. I really like him, though. He's pretty sweet, except to my dogs, lol.

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