How long to keep eggs?

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    Ok, so we finally got 2 eggs. The first one we found last Sunday. (But could have been layed 3 days earlier since I was out of town and my DH didn't check. So when I go home on Sunday, my youngest daughter found it.) Anyway, we brought it in and it has been on a napkin in a bowl on the counter ever since. We didn't wash it or anything. We got our second egg today.

    So, my question is how long can you keep them at room temp and when should you refrigerate them?[​IMG] I've heard they can stay for several weeks on the counter, but want to make sure. Don't want to make anyone sick. [​IMG]

    Then, if you refrigerate them, how long would you keep them? Is keeping them at room temperature better or in the frig? I know, so many questions.. which I have so few answers for. [​IMG]

    Thanks for all your help. I do appreciate it. [​IMG]
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    They will be fine at non-hot room temp for up to 30 days, but I think that is pushing it. (non hot means not 85-90 degrees like my house. 55 degrees is ideal.)

    In the fridge they are good for quite a while. I have read 90 days, but I would think all the liquid would evaporate out of the egg before then.

    If you look at your store egg cartons, you can see how old those eggs are. There is a three digit number on the end of the carton, indicating what day of the year they were laid. So Jan 2 would read as might be apalled at how old some of the store eggs are [​IMG]
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    I have yet to fridge any of my eggs and that as been chicken, quail, duck, and at one point, emu. Fresh eggs can stay out of the fridge for a few weeks. Hopefully, the get eaten before you have to chance it. I find that keeping them out of the fridge, they taste fresher and it saves much needed space in the fridge.

    I get about 4 quail eggs a day and I keep them out at a minimum a few weeks before boiling and pickling. It's hard enough to peel a fresh egg, let alone a fresh quail egg. I think they are part kevlar!

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