How long to leave the light on for chicks


May 4, 2015
Hello me an my kiddos R trying to raise some chicks an Im new at it. I live close to dallas an it bout 60-70 degrees at night here. My chicks are about 5 weeks old I think an are starting to get a lot of their feathers. I have just a regular work lamp in there pin at night. Just wondering how much longer I need to keep it on at night? Do they need to get all there feathers before I start letting them sleep in the dark?? All help is appreciated thanks
I would still leave it on at night till they are fully feathered out. But, I imagine your day time temps are warm enough to allow them outside for short play periods. Do not let them get overheated and have plenty of water out for them. What breeds do you have, I imagine they are awfully cute at this stage.
Glad you have joined us.

We moved our chicks to their permanent coop April 2013 at 5 weeks old, they were nearly totally feathered out, night time lows were a little cooler than you have now and only placed a 60 watt regular bulb in the coop to get them to go into the coop at dark but did not use the heater lamps and they did well. I had hen cams to monitor and they were not stressed. IMO you don't need heat with them if they are at least 5 weeks old or more. They don't need a light at night, they should be fine as long as you make sure your coop doesn't have drafts. Turn the light on to get them to go into the coop and once they go in and settle in, turn it off.

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