How long to quarantine sick hen


Oct 21, 2020
Quaker Hill Connecticut
My Polish blue hen came down with a cold after 3 or 4 days of cold rainy weather. I immediately separated her from the flock and treated her with PetRx Poultry. That was Wednesday she seems pretty good now, but how long should I keep her from the rest of the girls?


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If she's clear of all symptoms, she can be safely reunited with her flock. But be aware that many respiratory chicken illnesses are caused by viruses that invade and occupy the cells of the chicken, and they will reside there for the life of the chicken. Stress can bring out a repeat of the symptoms, and these will be contagious to the others.

The next time, the symptoms may be worse and VetRX may not clear them up. The antibiotic of choice is Tylosin water soluble powder. It would be wise to locate a source for it and buy it to have on hand. It's very likely you will need it in the future.

Here's a good source. It has been out of stock for months. It's now available again, but may not be in the near future.

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