How Long to Use MHP With Chicks


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Nov 1, 2016
Ive been using the mama heating pad method of raising my chicks since February 24th. I love the setup and it has worked wonderfully. I have noticed now that at almost a month old, my chicks arent using the heating cave anymore, but are huddling in the corner or roosting on the roost bar above the cave.
The chicks brooder is in my basement which is chilly, about 50 degrees, but not as cold as the outdoor weather, below freezing.
Im assuming this is normal, but I wanted to make sure. They havent fully feathered out, but have grown quite a bit.
IMHO Your chicks should be fine without the supplemental heat now being almost 4 weeks old. You could probably remove the MHP altogether and give them some more room especially if they are roosting above it. My chicks are 3 weeks old on Friday and while half of them still use the MHP cave at night the rest roost on a dowel or sit on top of it so this weekend it is coming out to get them used to the lower temps. They are almost feathered out too.
I raise mine the same. They feather out much faster and therefore do not require heat for as long. Mine went out into the coop brooder with no heat at around 4 weeks. It was 33 deg the first night and they were fine. Still thriving a week and a half later. I just love the heating pad method. You can look at pictures of chicks on here with bulb heating and they look like mama heating pad chicks at 2 or 3 weeks with how little feathers they have at 5+ weeks.
Time to cut the MHP, clean it up and put it away replace it with some thick branches or wood perches @50* they are fine and will be ready to move out to big girl panties. Make sure when you move them out they’re protected from strong drafts or rain they’ll be fine.

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