How long to wait after a paint job

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  1. Animalian

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Today I painted the inside of my coop and oiled the exterior. Watched by my very curious free ranging hens and the caged 11 week old pullets the whole time.
    Tonight the hens are sleeping in the dog kennel and I'm wondering if one night is long enough or if I should wait longer until I put them back. Just worried about the fumes from the paint.

    Could be a good opportunity to combine the new girls with the old ones in the coop if I got the hens used to living out of the dog kennel for a while though!

    *Edit* I also can't smell so I can't judge it day by day
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  2. elmo

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    May 23, 2009
    Usually, you wait until there's no longer any paint odor, but you say you can't smell? So unless you have another family member of friend to give a quick sniff and signal the all clear, I would go around and check to make sure the paint is completely and utterly dry, not tacky in any respect. Then I'd probably wait another 24 hours, just to be sure.
  3. BoltonChicken

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Bolton, Mississippi
    If you used latex paint they can go in as soon as it has dried to the touch. If you used oil based paint, the same thing applies, but it takes much longer to dry. Until it does the oil
    base could be a problem.

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