How long to wait after odd hatch?


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Mar 18, 2009
Thanks to your informative posts we just had a our first hatch of coturnix! Problem is we only had 7 out of ~40 eggs hatch. I am sure this is due to my 2-year old learning to open doors and leaving the incubator lid open overnight. then we had a power outage the next day for 4 hours.

so these chicks came on day 20 after the above malfunctions. its now day 22, when should we call it quits on the other eggs? thanks.
Float Test Them--- 100 Degree Water In A Large Mixing Bowl, Salad Bowl, Whatever, So Long As Its 3-4 Inches Deep In The Bowl Thats Fine--- Also The Bigger The Container The More Eggs You Can Test Simultaneously(this Is Handy Because Of The Time Waiting For The Water To Get Still Again..)--- Let It Quit Moving And Sloshing And Whatnot And Ever So Gently Ease A Few Eggs Into It--- Let It Settle Again And Just Watch--- If The Chick Is Still Viable You'll See It Moving Inside The Egg--- The Egg Will Wobble And Shake--- Trust Me You'll Know. If The Egg Sinks Immediately Its A Dud. If It Floats Nearly On Top Of The Water Its A Dud--- Throw These Away. If It Rides Low In The Water, But Does Not Sink--- Those Are The Ones To Watch For Movement. At 22 Days If It Didnt Move I'd Chuck It. But This Way You Can Easily See The Eggs With Live Chicks Still In Them! Take The "wobblers" Gently Dry Them Off And Place Back In The 'bator For Another Day Or 2.
A better hatch should come next time around when you don't have all those incubation issues...

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