How long until it's no longer inbreeding?


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Jan 30, 2010
I'm curious? I'm not too good in the official terms for everything, but I'll try my best to explain! I know it's not how breeding normally goes, but I'm having a hard time trying to word it correctly.

Say there's 4 pairs. A pair, B pair, C pair, and D pair. They all have babies, AA, BB, CC, DD. One from each goes with one to each. (AB AC AD BA BC BD CA CB CD DA DB DC)

Now if a AB goes with a AC or AD it's inbreeding, right?

So if we want to avoid any chances of inbreeding, the next set of babies don't go with any of their letter. But this can only happen 3 times in a set of 4 lines, I think. So how many generations is it until it's not considered inbreeding?

The next step for no inbreeding would be AB-CD/DC, AC-BD/DB, AD-BC/CB. (Or any switching between the groups) But after that, they're going to have some of their ancestors' genes in them, unless a new line in introduced. Like AB-CD breeds to a BC-AD, would it still be inbreeding, or would the mixing be far enough down?

I'm sorry if this is super confusing, I can't find a way to explain it clearly.

EDIT// After debating with lovely boyfriend, I found the simple thing to ask: Is it still inbreeding if they only share the greatgrandparents?
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Ms.FuzzyButts :

I can never find the smilies of a brain frying when I need it....


I found a simple-r way to ask! Is it inbreeding still when the only relation is the grandparents?
Wait. Great! I meant great grand parents.
Apparently it's not them that needs to go to school.

If same grandparents, I can see, but with great-grandparents, would it be like distance cousins now? 'Marrying in the family' sort of deal? (Far enough but not close enough)
I am no expert. But I think brother sister, father daughter may be an issue. But grandkids would not.. Hope that makes since. Chickens were here before us and I don't think I have seen to many 2 headed chickens other than those at Wayne's Farms and the like... lol

Edited to add... Do a search on chicken inbreeding in the search bar in the corner. There are several threads with differing views.
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Depending on who you talk to , inbreeding is sibling to parent and full sibling to full sibling ; or is strictly full sibling to full sibling . I " think " I followed your thread and if so it was an example of loose linebreeding with no intention to linebreed LOL . AB to AC would be linebed to the AA line . Intense linebreeding can result in inbred individuals due to too many common ancesters ; but with four or even three seperate lines it is easily possible to have individuals showing neither the benefits or drawbacks of linebreeding as long as you keep making crosses to the next line in each new generation .
Yay! I was worried that example made no sense, since I do that sometimes.
Thank you for the answer.
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