How long will a Coturnix fertilized egg stay viable when refrigerated


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You know that I want to sell eggs for consumption. Some hens have been with the roos shorter than two weeks ago. I refridgerate the eggs at 35 F (my written plan accepted by the local health dept states to hold at 41F).

I do not like the idea of people trying to incubate these eggs when they are meant for consumption. My timing in removing the roos was just a tad late for non fertilized eating eggs.

Will holding at that cold temp for a few days (say 4 to 6) make the embryo inviable and "just an eating egg" at that point?

My stock comes from some of you who are who I consider the best. I would want to select which ones I breed for representation of the line or crossing there of. So an eating egg can be from inferior (small, not the plumage I like, or the carriage or even the temperament) stock. While hatching eggs would be from only the best.

See my concern?

I suppose I can just eat up all of those eggs from this last week....but the ad goes in the paper this week and if opportunity strikes, I am excited to sieze it.

Short story long...will 4 days at 35 stop the ability to hatch out the egg?

Thank you,

Darn it JJ, you burst my bubble.

So eat everything up to that "two week mark" when the hen is "clean"...Otherwise I am selling possible hatchable eggs to possible competetors (to be frank).

Thank you for putting the cards on the table bud.

Looks like lil man and I will be peeling and popping for breakfast, lunch and dinner! cheers! Here's to our health.


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Hey Tonya, While most will not hatch after storage at 35ish deg, some will. I at one point had over 6 dozen reserved for pickling. All stored in the frig. They were not turned, and some were 3 weeks old. I then had a friend ask for all the eggs I could scrape together. Long story short, about 25 % hatched. Surprised is a understatement.... Bill
WOW. No wonder they are the oldest domesticated bird. Talk about survival of the fittest. Even if they aren't rocket scientists, they sure have the mechanism to procreate like champions. GEEEZ

Thanks Bill.

They Are The Roaches Of The Quail World
So guys...What is my clean date? Is it 14 days? I keep reading a hen can have fertilized eggs from a breeding or "chance encounter" for up to two weeks.

Tell it to me true like you always do.

Not Absolutely Sure, But It Was Always My Understanding That They Can Be Fertile Up To 30 Days After Mating, However Hatchability Would Certainly Wain Greatly With 14 Days Of Storage
Well there it is.

I DO have a pen of hens that have been unmolested for a while now. I will draw from them. Thank you immensly.

I think I would like to make a sticky thread on an example of how to submit a plan to a health dept or dept of ag for selling eating eggs. I can put up my plan I wrote and suggest the proper routes to follow (depending on state).

I will do that later today now that I have this last bit of info. Thanks again my man.


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