How long will it take a rooster to do the job?


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Nov 26, 2010
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I am keeping 6 hens for a friend for a couple of weeks.I am thinking about putting a rooster with them for a while so I can hatch some chicks while the girls are in my care. My friend is fine with this. If I introduce an experienced roo to the girls how long should it take before I can count on most of the eggs being fertile?
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"How long will it take a rooster to do the job?" About 15 seconds.

Okay, I'll be serious. Three days after he has been introduced assuming that he begins mating the hens immediately, the eggs should be fertile. The eggs laid on the first two days would already be 'in process' and most likely not fertilized.
But to be really sure, as you use the eggs, keep a little tally sheet, and check for the bullseye. When most of your eggs have that, then set the next collection.
Thanks for your responses. Sounds like I have a workable plan. I just need to quickly locate a good roo and start fine tuning the incubator to make sure it is ready. I have several friends with chickens so I don't think I will have too much trouble finding a loaner rooster.

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