How long will Momma mother her babies?


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Apr 23, 2010
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how long after a hen raises her chicks before she starts laying again? and how often can they go broody?? I have 2 hens that have gone broody in the past on has 2 chicks that are about 6weeks old. would like to get some more chicks any ideas. please PM me I can never find the same spot again
Depends on the individual hen. All of my salmon faverolles give up mothering around the four week old mark. My silkie Jethro mothers for four months, lays a couple of eggs, goes broody again.
My game hens cluck to chicks for 4 to 6 weeks. They still tend chicks, sometimes for as long 12 weeks, but once clucking stops, especially when hen is in good condition, egg laying can resume and she will begin brooding new clutch once enough eggs present. Bigger broods (more chicks) seem to increase time after clucking stops before egg laying resumes.
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my bantum cochin frizzle lasted about 4 weeks. She adopted a silkie and a full size cochin. the baby cochin was ready at 4 weeks, the silkie would cry at night. we had to place her on the perch next to her sister for a few nights.

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