How long will my chicken limp?

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    I have a hen who's been in sick bay for about six weeks with a gimpy leg. For the last three, I've been opening her crate door and she hops out every day and roams the coop. She'll often be lying down when I go in but sometimes eating and I've even seen her in the nest box. She'll put a little weight on her bum leg which is definitely an improvement. A couple of times she's been in line to go out with the other chickens in the morning but I've shooed her back. How long this is going to take? I'm worried that it's just never going to heal. Anything I can do?
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    Oct 12, 2011
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    My hen had a limp for maybe 8 weeks. I just kept and eye on her and let it heal on it's own. She doesn't limp anymore. Just my experience. Maybe her limp wasn't so bad. She would walk on it the whole time- even run with it. I thought about keeping her locked up so she would not use it so much but decided to just let it play out and it turned out fine. I think as long as she is showing improvement and not getting worse she will be OK and you just have to be patient.

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