How long will my Pekin's feathers remain yellow after a molt?


Jul 17, 2016
My Pekin duck was a beautiful white until he molted, some of him has turned back to snow white, however mainly his body and neck is still a light buttery yellow color. He is being exhibited at a county fair on the 28th and don't know if his feather color will affect his placing. He was a late March/early April chick. Is there anything I could do or feed him to help him get back to white? Or am I stuck with a yellow ducky?
does he get in the sunshine much? i bought a duck from a farm & it was really dirty but still yellow after we washed it. it's getting whiter by the day & they are in the sun a lot. we have only had it here for 2 weeks & it's almost all white now. i was thinking it was the sun making my new duck's feathers whiten up, maybe it's just time...

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