how long will they lay

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Jul 12, 2008
I have not gotten the first egg yet should be soon as the girls are about 19 -20 weeks old
how long will they produce eggs and does the clock start ticking when they lay the first one I heard they should be produceing eggs for about 2 years is this right, also looking forward to chicken stock ( maine ) see you all there would like some R.I reds if any one is bringing any,
Chickens lay the best in the first 2 years. After that time they still lay but may lay only 3 - 4 eggs a week. Some may still lay an egg everyday.

Hens lay on average 240 - 265 eggs a year. They go through periods of molting and non-egg laying, too. Usually around this time of year with shortened days, less day light, cold weather moving in, they slow down, stop laying, loose their feathers and spend this time regrowing the new feathers. Their bodies rejuvinate and gear up for the big egg push that is for spring chicks.
Some people have said their hens lay well into five or six years old. It depends a great deal on the hen.
Hi there,

we have 16 hens and 11 roosters not 1 egg! They are 5 months old? any ideas? I live in NH-thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

We have 27 bantams, and 2 of the roosters(they look like D'anvers) always pick on the others, all they do is peck at them and rip out some feathers, but other than that they seem okay- should they be seperated or moved elsewhere completely? and we have 1 frizzle who bless his heart, is always in the corner of the coop, (at night) in the corner facing the wall!! poor thing! other than that he gets along okay!

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