how long?

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  1. will the eggs be viable?she started laying april 26th but has not set yet.also,she started another nest right next to the first 1.normal?
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    last year we had a hen lay 13 eggs, we gathered the eggs, because she was setting in the cornfield across the road... I put them in the incubator and they all hatched. then she did it again, and after 13 eggs.. must be the magic number.. I set them in the incubator again and all hatched. so that is 13 days.
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    I don't know the answer but I'd think the eggs of an African bird who may lay 30 eggs before sitting could tolerate long periods of warm temperatures and still be viable.
  6. is it normal to start a 2nd nest next to the 1st one?plus she made 1 in another coop while they were all free ranging.
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    They don't usually do that. They have one nest and most of the females lay in it and then one starts to sit and she doesn't leave the nest until they hatch. When she starts to set the other females start a new nest and one of them will set on it. Sometimes they fight over who is going to set and they can switch the setter in the middle of a hatch, but not usually.
  8. thanks.i only have 1 hen and this is her 1st time laying
  9. racuda,what part of carolina?
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    Quote:cletus, I am close to the zoo near Asheboro.

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