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    So, as with most folks, egg production on the mini farm has slowed way down. Even though I have a light in the coop on a timer,giving them 13 hours of light per day, I am still only getting about 2 eggs a day. I have 12 laying hens. With the exception of my 3 Silkies and 2 EEs, all my other hens lay brown eggs, so I'm not quite sure who is laying what. What I'm most concerned about is that my two EE, who both lay light blue eggs, haven't laid in for over a month. Both act fine, and I want to say that I think they did something similar to this last fall, but not for this long. They freerange in a small, fenced in yard, and I have searched high and low for any "secret" nests. What I also don't get is that when fall hit, my light in the coop wasn't working and I didn't know it. The egg production slowed down. I fixed the problem and within a week, I was getting about 7 eggs a day. Now, as of about 2 weeks ago, I'm back to getting maybe 2 eggs a day. Oddly enough, it is my Silkies that are laying almost everday! How long is too long for a hen not to lay eggs during the fall? I'm most concerned about my EE, since I know I haven't seen an egg from them in a while. Thanks!
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    How old are they? Any of them molting? Do you see lots of feathers around? It can take 3 months to get through a molt and laying again.
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    Quote:Well you just answered my question without me having to ask. All 5 of mine are on strike. I have finally seen a drop in the amount of feathers everywhere, it has been about a month and a half. sigh.
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    Quote:Both the EE will be 2 in March. One of them lost just a few feathers, the other none. Actually out of all my hens, only a handful went through a mild molt. If it weren't for the feathers on the ground, you wouldn't even notice that they did. Isn't it weird that they slowed down with the egg laying, then after fixing the light, it picked back up, now it slowed down again? I don't remember having this bad of a problem last year.

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