How loud are call ducks or black east indie

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    I'm just wondering how loud call duck hens are. I want to keep one or two as a pet and I want to know if someone can post a video of them quacking. I have parrots so I guess my neighbors are used to a little noise. Also what could I house 2 call ducks in?

    Are they loud all day or only when excited by something?

    Do they quack all night?

    Can they be quieted?

    How loud are black east indie ducks?

    Since they are much smaller ducks is the poop any smaller?

    If I was to get males would they be friendly? I know males are quieter. But I heard that drakes do not make nice pets.

    These ducks would most likely be imprinted as I want them for pets. Are these breeds good for that? I see a lot of people on the facebook duck forum with them as indoor pets.

    Thank you so much.
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    I have a quad, drakes are friendly at least my guy is. Females are loud and while I won't say they go quacking all day, they are vocal and definitely make up in voice what they lack in size.;)

    Mine are outdoors, I keep them in a 10x10 dog run and then they have a 4x4 house that got a little big I am so used to bigger breeds got a bit carried away lol I guess if we get babies it will accommodate :rolleyes:

    Everything is smaller scale, droppings, feed consumption etc that said they are more pred prone and fly like airplanes ..

    I find there super personable I brooded mine in the house and had them swimming in our tub so that likely helped tame them loads, calls are pretty delicate for the 1st day or so but then are remarkably hardy there after.

    Here I do happen to have a video of one of them .. They are so silly, I bring out a camera and they hush. For now a still shot, I'll have to locate the video.


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