How low of humidity is too low?

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Jul 17, 2009
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I have eggs in the incubator, 7 days now. I thought the humidity was tweaked right but I was wrong. It looks like the humidity has been 26-28% for the week. I've fixed it now. Is 26-28% really bad?
I'm GUESSING that humidity between 25-50 % for the first 16-17 days is PROBABLY O.K. in most, if not ALL U.S. climates. (mainland)

BY the 18th day, (for "lockdown"), apparently an increase in humidity to 50-70 % seems to be good WITH GOOD VENTILATION and a LOT of "Air-Movement" to keep the embryos from drying out ---OR drowning.

just "my take" on the general concensus of what I've read here on BYC.

Mine do best with 45% through incubation, and 55-60% for the last three days. I just hatched some that finished late last night. The weather's cooled, ambient humidity has dropped. Part of the incubation was don to 30-35%, then for the last 3 days, I had trouble getting above 50% even when the eggs started to hatch. The last two chicks were taking a long time to zip, got shrink-wrapped, and I had to help them out.

I was surprised what a difference just that slight drop in humidity made.
I wonder if that's my issue. This is the first hatch with the furnace on. The water level was fine for the summer but I had to add dishes of water to the incubator to get it up there. Hopefully they do fine. It's my last hatch before winter. I was going to stop but I got a hold of 3 dozen dark layer eggs. I couldn't NOT incubate them!

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