How many breeders vaccinate?

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    Just curious how many local breeders vaccinate chicks.
    After loosing my chicks last year and looking into the Marek's vaccine I realized that it has a very steep economy of scale at the low end, which is unfortunate as Local breeders fit my needs/wants much better than large hatcheries.
    (I don't raise broilers, the eggs are a bonus, I don't breed or show them, they are pets.)

    From what I found, 100 chicks per year, in one to three hatches, is the point where it starts to become economically viable.

    • Each vial(smallest size) is good for one thousand chicks
    • A vial is $20
    • Shipping is with an icepack overnight(warm weather) or two day(cool weather) air, that is about $30-$70 for one to several vials.
    • Needles are cheep maybe $.05 per bird
    • It is given in the first day to protect the chicks ASAP (still takes up to 3 weeks for full effect, 1week for some effect)
    • It has a several month shelf life in the fridge unopened
    • Once open it has a one hour working time.

    So not including labor.

    one vial ordered in the warm months(overnight ship)= 20+70= $90;

    3 vials ordered at once in the warm =130 or 43/vial
    cool=$60 + $35= $95 or $32 per vial;

    100chicks=$5 in syringes&needles

    this gives the following prices per chick
    vials\chicks per vial 10 33 100 300
    1 overnight 9.05 2.78 .95 .48
    3 overnight 4.38 1.36 .48 .19
    1 twoday 5.05 1.57 .55 .22
    3 twoday 3.22 .98 .37 .16​

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