How many can one lay a day??

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    Dec 24, 2013
    So i woke up this morning and saw 2 eggs and left them in the coop just so that my mom could collect all of them later on. My mom went out at 11 am saw my turken in the process of laying so she took out the two eggs from earlier this morning. She just went out and found 2 new eggs after she took out the other two...

    Is it possible for a chicken to lay 2 eggs at one time? My mom asked "Like simultaneously lay two eggs in one sitting? Margeaux was the only one I saw up there between 11-11:40....and that gave us two new eggs."

    Any help would be great!
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    hmm my first guess would be that some other hen might have sneaked in during that time and quickly laid an egg while you weren't watching. I've heard of many double yolked eggs which is usually what happens when two ovaries are released at the same time. I suppose it might, perhaps, be possible for two eggs to form right after one another. But I highly doubt that since a chicken egg takes about 26 hours to fully form and be laid. So I'd think that maybe another hen sneaked in and laid her egg.....but you never know....with chickens anything is possible haha :)
    Good luck with finding out!
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    Someone else laid the other egg.

    Only one ovary in a chicken releases a yolk. Generally, it takes about 25 hours to make an egg from start to finish. Double yolkers happen when 2 yolks are released at once, but they are in the same shell. It is extremely rare for a chicken to lay more than one egg in the same day.

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    Yes, generally, a chicken will not lay more than one egg in a 24 hour period, however it is possible for more, especially when a pullet is just getting her system geared up. I've witnessed one chicken laying 2 eggs within 5 minutes of each other, and know for a fact that she laid an other egg earlier that morning.
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    Dec 24, 2013
    Thanks for all the insight everyone! Ya I'm thinking we actually have 3 chickens laying versus 2 but more observation is needed,

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