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    very soon I am going to start building a coop. I am trying to determine chicken to human ratio. :) We eat about 6 XL eggs eggs a week, I am sure once we get a supply of fresh eggs we will probably eat more. Wife and daughter wants silkies, which produce a small egg, and I want a bigger breed that can produce a decent egg to eat. I would like half my flock to be larger chickens.

    How many eggs does a chicken produce weekly? Specifically silkies, and taking suggestions on the "other" chicken type to help supplement the egg eating. :)
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    Well Silkies don't lay much because they go broody often. If you get sex links or other egg laying breeds they should lay a egg every day with a few breaks once and awhile.
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    Check out when we decided to start the chicken thing ... This is where I went to help me get a general idea about what kind of laying chicken lays what blah blah blah... Plus I wanted to figure out which chickens lay color eggs... I knew from getting eggs from the neighbor that the colored eggs were large eggs...and they were pretty yummy so I wanted that in my flock... We got araucana's for the colored eggs.... We also got new Hampshires because they lay large eggs ... So do Rhode Island Reds ... If you get any bantams they will be small eggs like the silkies ...
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    If you get a good production breed, or cross breed, 4 hens would keep you in more than enough eggs. More than enough for eating, baking and giving away as gifts. People love them for a gift.

    Chickens do lay different amount of eggs depending on the time of year, and on the breed. All chickens lay eggs, but the egg laying birds lay nearly every day. However, as stated above, broody hens don't lay and can be difficult to break from being broody.

    Good Luck, it is a fun hoby

    Mrs K
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