How many chickens?

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  1. I was wondering If someone could give me an idea of how many chickens our new coop can hold? It is 5ft x 5ft, has 5 nest boxes, and the run will be about 5ft x 7ft with a top to protect from preditors. Also we were going to put down pavers for the floor of the run so it doesn't become a mud pit and I was wondering if that will be ok for the chickens? (they will be allowed out occasionally to forage)

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    I would say 2-3 chickens. When you say pavers, do you mean like cement slabs? Your chickens would be pretty bored with a cement ground, ours usually doesn't get muddy, and its good for the chickens to get worms and peck and dust bathe in. You could use sand or wood chips for a bottom so they could at least kick it around and dust bathe. I would also worry about a cement bottom being a cause for bumble foot. There's my two cents, hope this helped. :D
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    5x5 coop=6 chickens and definitely put sand in the run, very easy to clean and they will love it.
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    My coop is 12 long X 4 wide and I have 6 girls. I think I have read on BYC to allow 2 ft per bird is best. I love your coop design...very nice. Good Luck! [​IMG]
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    Depends on what type chickens you have. General rule of thumb is 4 sq. ft. per standard sized bird in the coop, 10 sq. ft. per standard bird in the run. You can get away with less space for bantams. I don't have bantam's so don't know how to recommend on those.
  6. Thanks for the advice so far! The coop is mostly for my mom (although I am excited about getting chickens too lol). She had them before a long time ago and just loved it. This time around I want them to be as easy to take care of as possible as she is getting older and thats why I was thinking pavers. However I don't want to do something that would be harmful to them. As far as breeds I think we are going with orpingtons and wyandottes.
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    It also depends on how much, if any, time they get out free ranging or in a yard. You can get away with a little less space if they get out a lot, but my 5x10 run starts to feel a bit small for 4 chickens after I add food, water, a flock block and an outdoor roost.
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    Coop. 5' x 5' = 25' / 4 = 6 chickens.

    Run. 5' x 7' = 35 ' / 10 = 3 chickens.

    3 chickens is the maximum I would put in the conditions you have outlined.

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