How many chicks will a peahen have?


8 Years
May 10, 2011
If I was to get a Blue India pair this summer or fall and they had babies next summer and I let the hen raise the chicks herself, how many eggs would she lay in a summer and how many chicks would hatch and live? I would keep them in a coop and flight pen (not freeranged) so there wouldn't be any predator problems.
Last year I let mine hatch her eggs and out of 5 eggs 3 hatched. If you pick them up though to incubate they will lay about 20-30 (3 clutches). I put some of my eggs in the incubator and the rest I'm going to let them hatch.
The answer is still pretty variable. If she sets the eggs she will likely lay one clutch or about 4-6 eggs. Of these it's anyones guess as to fertility, how brooding the hen is and other external factors. Good luck, they are lots of fun.

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