how many chicks


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
i had 9 eggs hatch monday. i never in a million years thought that all my eggs would hatch and i would end up with 9 healthy chicks! So anyways while the eggs were incubating I told a friend that if I had a good hatch I would trade her some chicks for garden plants. well now the chicks are here and I am having a hard time choosing who to give away!!!! And how many do I need to give? She has chickens already but they are big so whoever I give her will be in the brooder for a while. will just 2 or three chicks be okay together? I have never had less than six at a time

also, is it a myth that hens start to feather before roos? They are only a few days old but some of them are already starting to feather on the tips of their wings.
You can give away as many as you want. 1, 2, half of them..doesn't matter. If shes got chickens, then she'll know what to do with them. As for girls feathering faster...there is something to that. I have some leghorns I just picked up at TSC, and of the 8 I got, 7 are fully feathered, and the one that isn't has a big ole comb on him already. I'm guessing I got 1 boy out of the lot of them, which would be sweet(bought them as straight run).

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