How many days can quail eggs sit before incubating?

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I have 10 quail that are about 12 weeks old. They started laying eggs 3 days ago 2 or 3 eggs a day. the eggs are now inside the ac. Just wanted to know how long the egg we be good for incubating and will the egg be fertile? This is the 1st eggs they have laid. thanks
I would say a maximum of 7 days. The fresher the eggs are the better. After 7 days they begin to lose viability, and have less of a chance of hatching. Make sure they are stored in the correct conditions, pointy end down.

Good luck!

ETA: click the word-link above and scroll down a bit for temperature information
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I agree with the 7 days being a MAXIMUM. I keep my eggs in a wine cooler @ 60* for 7 days at the most. Then on the morning of the 7th day I set them on the egg trays to get to room temp for about 6 hours before I set them in the incubator. Its basically the same with all eggs except some partridge will stay fresh for up to 28 days but I never let mine get over 7 days before I set them.
I also agree with the 7 days, don't forget to turn them once a day or the yolk can stick to the side. Once they are in the incubator you need to turn them 3 times a day (I recommend automatic turner). Good Luck.

Also, if you buy eggs over the internet, let them sit for at least 8 hours (usually 24 hours is best) to adjust to room temp, but I wouldn't let these type of eggs sit for 7 days because they already took 2 to 3 days to get to you.
Yeah thats what I was thinking, I just hatched some chicks from my own bobwhite eggs I believe the eggs were from 7 to 2 days old and out of 36 eggs only one was bad.
I have a Pair of Buttons, and they female has layed an egg everyday for the last 5 days. So I have 5 eggs from her and after she lays on today I wonna incubate them. Are they too old to incubate? They have been setting in my room in an egg carton. Thanks!

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