How many days for Penn shots?

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    The woman at the feed store told me four days, but I think he's still going to need the antibiotic after today which is day four on penicillin. If I have to stop the shots today, when can I start them again?

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    Quote:If you are giving 1/4cc with the 300,000 can go up to 7 days, but no more than that. It means that the drug isnt working and would have to use something else if possible....maybe baytril from a vet.
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    Usually if you stop an antibiotic before it is done killing the infection, the remaining weakened, but not yet dead, bacteria will become resistant to the antibiotic you are using, so it's not wise to stop and antibiotic if there is an active infection unless you are planning on starting another antibiotic ASAP. (If you stop the penicillin, and then restart it in a few days, it will not work. It's best if you can switch from one antibiotic directly to the next.)
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