How many days past 21 days should I wait?

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    Feb 2, 2009
    I'm a first husband and I bought an incubator and have followed all the instructions. We have 7 chick eggs in right now and we are on the 24th day. How many days should I give the eggs to hatch? We've candled them in the last two days and they look normal. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks so much for any tips! [​IMG]
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  2. Katy

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    Are you hatching chicken eggs? If you are and your temps and humidity levels were ok throughout incubation the odds of anything hatching aren't very good. I only give them until maybe day 23 at the most and then clean the bators. If your temps were low they could be delayed by a couple of days.

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    Welcome...and I agree
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    I had a hen hatch eggs in November I am guessing due to the cold and lack of Hum. It took them 26days to hatch.

    I have a egg now under my broody that is on day 22 and still had not hatched.

    Temps and Hum. Has alot to do with it they maybe delayed.

    I suggest giving them 3 more days.

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