How many eggs? 1,2,3...


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
My Own Little World....
Lets we currently have 3 LAYING hens (one has suffered a trauma, we dont know if she'll ever lay again) and we dont get that many eggs from them currently. Maybe like 3 per week, each. In the spring we are getting 6 new chickens. Here are our breeds:
1 Rhode Island Red
1 Buff Orp
1 Black Australorp
1 Ameracauna
1 Leghorn
1 Cochin
1 Dorking
1 Cuckoo Marans
1 Silver Laced Wyandotte
1 Sultan

How many eggs will we get?? Estimates, please. Thanks!!
Well one would hope you'd get 6 out of the group on average. Once the days grow longer and the birds get warmed up and eating bugs and greens you should get a half a dozen I would think.

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