How many eggs can I safely fit?

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    Apr 30, 2014
    So I have eggs incubating in a havobator. I have multiple due dates. So I bought a rcom pro 10 thinking I would use it to hatch in. I need to know how many eggs you all think I can hatch in it? I can fit 13 but they don't have any room to move around at all. Do they Ned more room to be able to push open their shell? I have always had plenty of room for each egg so need some advice asap?
  2. annabellaknits

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    Apr 30, 2014
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I don't have an Rcom, but when I'm in the midst of "serious hatching season" I stuff as many eggs into my incubator as I can. I've even stacked eggs on top of each other :oops:
    If a hen were incubating your eggs, they'd all be touching under her with very little wiggle room. You also have to consider that some of your eggs may be infertile or quit, so you'll have a bit more space if/when they're gone. When in doubt:

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    In a way, it is better for them to not have a lot of room to roll around because while it is good for hatched chicks to jostle the unhatched eggs to give them encouragement, it is not good for chicks to boot the unhatched eggs across the incubator and have them rolling all over while the chick is kicking out. They would be close together under a hen. How many eggs do you need to fit in there? It is better to put them all in than to leave live chicks out of the incubator to die. Candle them all to make sure you have only good ones in there to make sure there is room.
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    I line hatch all the time using a incubator and a hatcher. The hatcher needs to have enough room so the chick can kick out. As for chicks playing football with there un-hatched siblings you can hatch in the upright position (this also saves space) give a little room so when they drop of the top of the egg tray they can stay on the floor. Ive no idea how large a rcom is but if you are line hatching I would suggest calculating how many a day you can hatch then set eggs in the incubator to match.

    Certain other restrictions also apply like.

    How fast can you regain humidity after the hatcher is open, How many hatchers before a clean out, How are you going to brood.

    My hatcher is home made so I know it regains humidity with in a few minutes so ive never had a problem removing chicks even when the others are zipping. If your rcom can not regain humidity with in a few minutes then you may have to leave the chicks there until the last one hatches which will mean only setting eggs In the incubator every 3 days.

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