How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?


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Mar 7, 2020
Meridian, MS
Let me preface this by saying that we are newbie chicken owners. Our 9 girls and 1 boy (all Buff Orpingtons) are about 6 months old. We've been looking thru the coop each day to check for an egg. This afternoon I spotted one egg nestled in the shavings. I was so excited that I immediately took a picture & shared it with family & friends. Little did I realize that mere minutes later, I would need to send another picture. I was cleaning the waterer when something (or rather some things) caught my eye, a clutch of eggs. 15 to be exact! All the eggs were tucked in under the nesting boxes. The nesting boxes have 2 fake eggs in them. Apparently, under the boxes is better than the boxes themselves. We did lay a 2x6 as a means to walk up to the nesting boxes. I think we need to put slats on it to help them get up there. If you have a suggestion, I’m happy to hear it. I read that some folks put a "curtain' in front of them to provide privacy. I can easily do that via staples and some fabric from my stash. I’m just glad I happen to spot the eggs! :woot
Nice coop! You could charge rent on that!


Mar 11, 2021
Victoria, Australia
3 out of 5. But I did see a crow take off with one this morning. We've had lots of trouble with them lately and some days I've gone without getting a single egg. And I've only got 3 dozen eggs in the cupboard! The girls are slacking, I've usually got 5! :th

Joking by the way, we get way too many eggs for us. We usually only have them on the weekends or if I bake something.

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