How many eggs with a pullet collect before setting?


6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
I have a fairly young EE pullet (hatched in late August 2013) who 'stopped laying.' I accidently stumbled across her stash of eggs when looking for a missing hen. The pile of eggs has been growing steadily. She's now up to 9 eggs. They're arranged in a little nest. I'm hoping she going to go broody and hatch some chicks. How many eggs is she likely to accumulate before she goes broody? Any idea?
There's no way to predict -- but they can and do lay a whole lot more than they can cover or hatch. I once found a hen on about 25 eggs, and she was a small hen. Actually I think that's fairly typical when people have not interfered. Maybe that's nature's way of trying to ensure that at least a few chicks result from a setting.

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