How many feather footed bantam breeds???

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    I have been wondering about the many varieties of bantams. I have been steadily gathering a variety of bantams. I have gotten pretty good at picking out a few of the breeds that show up regularly. However, I am still a bit of a novice at identifying which is which. During a recent feed store trip I ended up with a Golden Sebright because I forgot to check for feather legs. So, I was wondering... How many bantam breeds are there? How many bantam breeds have feathered feet? and What are the different breeds called? (pictures of chicks and adults welcome)
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    Here is a quick jump to your information.
    These are true Bantams, meaning there is no standard version of said breed. There are 21 listed, but there can certainly be more.
    Going thru the list I did not run across a silkie. Maybe I missed or overlooked it. I know silkies are bantam variety.
    It also listed Old English game hens. I have 4 of those. I know there is a standard English Game Hen, which is larger, but not really huge. Smaller than a standard RIR. So there is slight confusion there???
    Maybe it is just void of clarity.
    If you check each, you will find more than a few with feathered feet.
    Your Golden Sebright is a fantastic chicken. I don't have an individual pix of mine, but you can see her and also a Silver Sebright on my profile page. My Silver was my longest living chicken soo far and went for 13 years. My Golden checked out after 8 or 9. and not sure why. My current oldest living chicken just turned 10, this Easter. and she is an EE.

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