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    Oct 5, 2014
    How many people here decide they want to learn a new pasta recipe or get into baking and head straight to their local grocery store to ask one of the part time cashiers for their favorite lasagna recipe? Streusel recipe? So why does everyone get so angry that a 17 year old boy working a part time after school job cannot differentiate between a RIR, RSL, or NHR? It is your hobby that you are enthusiastic about. Do your research. Do your due diligence and walk in theire knowing what you're after. I have sold hardware for 8 years, have owned cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, ducks, a miniature pony, hamsters and goldfish. Does this mean I am unqualified to work at a feed store because I cannot answer a customers questions about cattle? Everyone has something they are good at.
    Just because the girl picking out your chickens barrel races on the weekend but doesn't own chickens does not mean you should get on a public forum and blast how terrible she is at her job and how she should not have that job because she told you a Rouen was a mallard and now you want your money back. I am sure as a 16 year old at McDonalds most people couldn't tell tell me in detail every item on the menu. Just because they work there doesn't mean they need to know every minute detail of the business in order to make them perfectly qualified to do their job. Some people need to learn humility and remember at one point you were new, uneducated and just learning. /soapbox
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