How many people out there are owned by Rabbits????

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Mar 26, 2008
In the middle of nowhere!!!
I just noticed that recently there have been lots of posts out there about rabbits and was just wondering how many people actually have them, and what do you do with them. Like just pets, for shows, breeding, meat, etc. etc.

I'll start.......

We have....18 rabbits!!!!

1-Jack-Male black Lionhead
2-Darla-Female carmel Lionhead
3-ToTo-Male Champaigne d'Argent
4-Dorothy-Female English Giant(Checkered Giant) with a litter of babies
5-McCoy-Female carmel Lionhead with a litter of babies
6-Cow-Male black Flemish Giant
7-Rabbit Stew-Male black and white Lionhead
8-Moses-Male black and white Lionhead
9-Evian-Female carmel American Fuzzy Lop with litter of babies
10-Bangladesh-Male black, white and brown Mini Lop
11-Sky-Male broken lilac American Fuzzy Lop
12-Taiyuan-Female grey(lilac) American Fuzzy Lop
13-Beijing-Female broken lilac American Fuzzy Lop
14-Junie B-Female brown and white Mini Lop
15-Male-white and carmel American Fuzzy Lop
16-Female-white and carmel American Fuzzy Lop
17-Female-black and white Mini Lop
18-Female-black and white Mini Lop

Obviously #15-#18 haven't been named yet. The girls are trying to come up with names. Just haven't gotten the perfect ones for the rabbits.

We have rabbits for pets, along with breeding obviously as we have 3 litters of babies. Our girls also show our rabbits for
4-H. They pretty much will be having a rabbit for each show category when it comes to the fairs...
Oh, the work it will be....

We feed our rabbits a mix of different things. We mix the rabbit pellets with a feed mixture. Plus they get oatmeal(dry) daily. Along with fresh grass and hay. They also have veggies and fruits given to the daily. Our rabbits are all very spoiled. They get daily attention. Brushed out daily(the longer haired ones really need it to help with the fur).
Well that's just a tidbit of info on our rabbits..
Anyone wanna be next...

Oh yeah...anyone interested in getting rabbits. We will have a few that will be weaned here soon....Maybe I will post that in the 'bst section'....


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Sep 13, 2008
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Hello Shawna! We just purchased our second rabbit TODAY! "Spice", a female 3 year-old Dwarf Netherland will be friends with our 1 year old DN named "Snowball" . They are pets to our 5 and 6 year old children. But Momma does the work so maybe they are really my pets and I just tell my husband they are the childrens.

A breeder here in Alabama is getting out of the business. She sells to area pet shops. According to her, the business is slowed down. I really enjoyed talking with her. She explained so much that I know.


Kara and Spice

Colton with Snowball / Kara and Spice

Love them rabbits!! Claudia


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Apr 18, 2008
Kodiak, Alaska
allabout - wow! your buns must be super easy going because mine would have freaked out and scratched everyone in sight if they were held like that. So lucky!

We have 2 bunnies -

Sella, our boy, is a small, brown, wild (I suspect, as they were "found" and taken to the pound) breed.

Shadow is another pound bunny, but she's a dwarf something. Very small, blackish grey, sweetheart.

They live in hutches (separate b/c they hate each other) outside but they get to come in the house and run around the yard to play too.


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Feb 6, 2008
I will be owned by three American Chinchillas by the end of the month.. One will hopefully be bred so in two months I may have many more..


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Jan 11, 2007
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I have one spoiled black and white Dutch named Robert Shredder. He lives in the house and has free reign. Fortunately, he's good about using his box to pee. I'd like to get him a friend but don't think I can afford to get him fixed.

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