How Many PET Chickens Are In Your Flock?

How many chickens?

  • Only 1. They are my feathered cat.😊

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • I have a pair of 2.🙂

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • I have 3.🙃

    Votes: 12 6.0%
  • I have a small flock of 4-5

    Votes: 20 10.0%
  • I have a flock of 6-10 birds. Not too many, not too little.

    Votes: 56 28.0%
  • I have 10-20 birds. Keeping it realistic.😌

    Votes: 54 27.0%
  • I have 20-30 birds!

    Votes: 16 8.0%
  • I have 30-40 chickens! Lots of eggs, lots of types, or both!

    Votes: 12 6.0%
  • 40-50 chickens! I keep a big flock!

    Votes: 4 2.0%
  • 50-80 chickens! Wow! 😍

    Votes: 5 2.5%
  • 80-100, You keep em as Pets?! How do you keep track of names?!

    Votes: 2 1.0%

    Votes: 11 5.5%
  • I don’t keep any pet chickens.

    Votes: 6 3.0%

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Jan 14, 2019
I started by purchasing 15 day old chicks (Boschvelders) a fully developed breed for South Africa. Ended up with7 roo's, ended up giving some to a farm I was involved with and friends to get them started with back yard chickens. Then got 8 Hybrid Hi-liner silvers for their egg laying record. Then bought another 23 Hybrid hi-liner browns. I now have in my back yard. !x "kaalneck" from Zimbabwe (look like a turkey, no feather on the neck), A breeding pair of Potchestroom Koekoeks (South African hardy breed), 7 Hi-liner silvers and 8 Hi liner Browns.
I've today got 28, 2 week old chicks in a brooder box and 60 odd day old hatching as I write this.
My passion for chickens has lead to me having 200 layers currently giving me 170+ eggs a day and a further 100 Potch Koekoeks 2 months old growing on the farm. They free range and are feed organically. I will never again buy and egg in my life.
So what started of as a need to provide my own back yard eggs has now during Covid 19 become a growing business, so beware all you chicken lovers.


May 23, 2020
I know what you mean. I lost my Father-In-Law and my Golden Retriever very close together. I started my flock and would sit out back and cry and watch my girls waddle. They certainly helped heal my heart. I am so sorry for your loss! from a fellow ONLY.
Oh! I am sorry for your loss as well. Both are a shame. To lose one is bad, but I have to say I am very partial to Man’s best friend. My girl is a eleven year old Miniature Schnauzer and she is my bodyguard, nurse, best friend, cuddle bug, and of course best buddy. She has been through countless surgeries and illness with me and she will take my husband out if she thinks it is the right thing to do or if he is causing me any pain or harm in a New York Minute. No holes barred. I remember one time he brought me home after the worst surgery of my life. I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my back and that surgery was hell. I felt like I had been run over by a train. The surgeon told me I would feel like that and I did. He had to pick me up several times and arrange places in the bed, car, house, bathroom, etc. it was awful. -and yes I would complain loudly and very verbally at times. So she started doing the same and it got to where she wouldn’t want him or anyone to touch me. My daughter had to start taking her outside before I could be moved around Due to her being so protective. She is to this day. I love her so much. She wants to be by my side everywhere I go. She knows not to run or chase the “babies” or “girls”!! That’s what we call the chickens to our dogs. We have two. My daughter has a Shichon. That’s another story. I have not had my hands on that one yet 100%. But anyway my dog means so much to me that I cannot put it all into words. Enough expression cannot be said. I love dogs. Always have and will not be without one at home yet this one is irreplaceable. She is one of honor and will forever be etched in my mind when she passes. I will look for her in my chair and on my bed. I will talk to her when she is no longer there. I miss her just when she is getting groomed at the vet’s office. I don’t like being away from her on vacation and rarely leave her. I usually take her. I used to just own Golden’s. They are my first loves in regard to breeds and the only large breeds I will have except for the Giant Schnauzer breed. The Goldens are angels and wonderful. I have had a large Male and a large female. The male lived to be 14 and the female only lived to be seven. She had a seizure and died suddenly one day in July. We think a snake bit her outside and she went into shock from an allergic reaction. That was awful. It really shook my daughter up and upset her and me a lot. Hated to lose such a young dog like that so healthy otherwise. It was not that hot for a July day that year and we kept her cool with plenty of water, ice, and a kiddie pool in her outside fenced inn backyard with plenty of shade. She had a nice area outside to stay in to protect her from heat of the day. Well we are going to also get another large dog soon we just haven’t decided which one - before my bodyguard gets much older and slows down any. Right now she is in good health and a good chicken guard dog. I wish the best for you. Don’t wait too long before you do the same so your spirits can also be lifted some more as well. You will see your furry friend again one day I hope waiting at the foot of the rainbow 🌈 bridge. Probably with a frisbee or a tennis ball 🎾. You will be in fine form to throw it all day then so be ready to go my friend!🙂😎🙏

Paul Richardson

In the Brooder
Jul 13, 2018


In the Brooder
Apr 21, 2020
22 chickens and 1 goose! Loved to death! They get to run around our 3 acre backyard all day, and they sleep in a 16 by 20 foot run, with an inside area that I don’t know the measurements for. We take them treats, and once I made them pancakes! They loved them. The goose is not interested in human food, and he has a pvc chicken tractor that we move to fresh grass. (Theoretically.)

Pete Yo

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Jan 26, 2019
I have 13. One of my hens ((Small-tux) don't ask about the name) went broody, so we are letting her incubate an egg. She has moved to a birthing room in my garage as the chick should hatch any day now. We can't wait to see if we are successful. If this works we might do it again in a month or two with a clutch of eggs. :fl


May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
Out of all of the chickens on the communal farm, I consider my beautiful LF Cochin girl as my pet. After receiving her as a very young pullet from some very unfortunate circumstances, she has lived with me in my house ever since. She has her own hen house that she sleeps and lays her eggs in (she won’t lay them elsewhere unless it’s an emergency). She has her favourite chicken food that must be served or else. She follows me around better than our dogs! Usually she’ll answer and run up to me when I call, but it’s summer time so she can’t be bothered. I love her so much! Even though she’s probably just using me for her own personal gain! 😂😂😂

(Small note: I apologise if this is hard to read. I’m still recovering from head trauma and my communication skills are still lacking. Thank goodness for spellcheck! 😂)
This was so much easier to read than many posts! I didn’t notice anything off. Sorry to hear you had trauma, but happy to hear you’re recovering. :)

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