How many quail do you keep?


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How many quail do you keep? I think I went a little overboard, and I have a little under 200 eggs in the incubator... plus 24 adults... I'm very much concidering keeping all that hatch, all 190 of them! (yes, 190 will hatch, and I don't want to hear otherwise!!
, and yes, I do know better.... but I like to think possitively) Anyways, I'm thinking of keeping a few in breeding cages, and the rest in a coop/run type enclosure... Is there such a thing as too many?
brood'in is where I have space issues, once I get'em past 5-6 weeks, we're good... 190 would be a challenge. lots of totes or a Randall type brooder....
I'm witcha there, my friend. My "wash room" is the birthplace and broodinq quarters for the little fellers, then down to the tractor shed / quail-pen shed for maturity, theeeeen..........back to the "wash room" where they go to freezer camp in the big chest-type. They reside onthe left side, and deer steaks reside on ther right.
I've got about 50, all adults. 20 coturnix & 30 button quail. As the natural course of time thins the button quail, I'll only keep a few pair of those in the future -- about 4 pair, probably.
To be honest I don't know. If you count chicks I'm full of them. I was floating between 100 and 200 last year, no idea now. I added 4 colony pens since then and three of them are full. The fourth is about there. Plus I have way too many in the grow out pens... That is coturnix, I'm a little short on bobwhites at the moment though.

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