How many Roo's?


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9 Years
May 8, 2010
West Michigan
I have a single coop with a nice run attatched. Once they are a bit older and on better behavior they will be able to free-range on the property. My question is, that of my 11 chickens so far we are pretty sure that at least two are roosters. We are fine to have roosters where we are, but I am just wondering it if is okay to have multiples in the same coop? Currently they are all getting along just fine and comfortable with each other. Will they just do the female thing and figure out which one is boss and live together fine?
If they have all brooded together, there should be no issue. One will end up dominant, the other will probably just be the dominant one's lackey---depending on the breed and temperment of the individual.

Ideally you may want a few more hens for 2 roos, so the "favorites" don't get over-used.

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