How much do you sell your eggs for?

We are oh so new at this, but I planned on $3.00 a dozen, then we sold to some friends who won't let us take less than $4 because that is what they pay at the farmer's market.
I sell mine to co-workers and friends for $2.50/dozen, but I'm getting a lot of teensy pullet eggs right now - I'm selling those for just $1/dozen because it takes 3 of them to equal a large egg!
It really depends on your location and the quality of eggs you have (including factors such as diet and range ability).

Some people can't give their perfectly good eggs away while others can get upwards of $10/dz.
It's been hard to sell here where I am. BUt for, small eggs 1 dollar, 1.50 for half large/ half small (If that's all I have) and 2 bucks for a large dozen. that is the .50 cents off price if they swap cartons with me.
I've been selling mine for $2 per dozen for a long time. Some say I don't charge enough, but when the hens are really laying, I can't get rid of them fast enough! 12 or 14 dozen eggs in the fridge really cuts down on space for other things! And yes, cartons are expensive too, TSC sells em for almost 40cents apiece, I buy mine from McMurrays by the box of 200 because you sure can't sell eggs in a walmart bag!! LOL

I haven't actually sold any yet (only cause the girls are still working on my breakfast) but..

When I told one of my co-workers that once they started laying I'd ahve to figure out what to do with them she offered to buy them and we agreed on $3/dozen.


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